You are Worth Fighting For with Garret Leonard

In this second episode of Celebrating the 50th Episode on The Path to Healing Show, we continue our conversation and coverage of the live taping of The Night of Impact out at Drifters Hearts of Hope in Elizabeth, Colorado with Garret Leonard. Tracy interviews Master Horseman, Champion for Horses and People, Garret Leonard. They talk about the process of healing for horses, and how it can be an example of the healing process of Grief and Trauma from the loss of a loved one for people. Garret is also back in the round pen with Elijah where it is now Elijah's turn to learn how to become a leader with the horses. Angel Tuccy and our Board Members, Rhodi Cate, Melanie McSallie and Lorraine White are bringing it all together. Share this with someone who needs to keep going.